One of the best television episodes of 2013.

-The Atlantic

"I love that show.  Oh my God, it's so good. Absolutely gorgeous, and funny, and dark, and honest.  And wonderful, clever, kind, precise dialogue. And what a great cast, too.  Beautifully shot, the simplicity of it is excellent."

-Russell T Davies


"I'm obsessed with The Outs."

-Alan Cumming

"The best web series ever."

"Fills a void left open on television. Refreshingly honest, funny, and poignant."

-Black Book

"The Outs has taken on a life of its own."

-MTV News

"Already hooked. I think you will be, too."

"This year's best new web series."


"Like Girls, but you won't hate all of them."


"If you haven't seen The Outs, your life is incomplete."

-Unicorn Booty

"A very thoughtful, apparently authentic portrait of people we all know, whether we know it or not. I’m in."


"A searingly original piece of work: unique in its presentation of flawed, human characters and still recognizable in depicting the complexities of post-relationship fallout."

-Drew Z. Greenberg


"The most accurate and essentially human portrayal of young gay men today can be found on the Net, not the networks... The Outs has taken the gay community by storm."

-Interview Magazine

"Poignant. Intriguing."


-The Huffington Post

"As addictive a 2012 pop culture phenomenon as Call Me Maybe.

-Time Out Chicago

"The Outs is one of the reasons why it's good to be gay right now."

-Thought Catalog

"The Outs is in. Hits all the rightnotes. Addictively funny and, at times, painfully realistic."

"Brilliantly funny/melancholy."

-Time Out New York

"The Outs has sharper dialogue than the leftovers on my DVR can muster, as well as notes of real honesty."

"Super hot. The Outs looks network television-ready."

-Swish Edition

"Beautifully shot, crisply written and ably acted. Raising the bar for web entertainment."

-AJ Christian

"Funny, sexy stories with balls, brains, and a heart. More, please, and now."