1 - State of the Union

Things to Do by Beauty Feast

I Will be Glad by Akudama

Mockingbird, Mockingbird by Richard Vagnino

2 - Whiskey Dick

LD's Groove by Spencerworld

I Found a Rock & Slow Sound

by Strange Shapes

Lover's Spit by Broken Social Scene, performed by Chris Rubeo

3 - Moon River

Wondervisions by Delicate Steve

Avalon by New Beings

Feathers, Flannel and Fringe by Black on Brown

A Decent Man by Mike Hamel

Are You Ready by The Record Winter

I Want to Stab You in the Face by Krinkle Bearcat

4 - Fun Party

Attitude/Gratitude by Delicate Steve

For You in Confidence by Chris Rubeo