The Outs

Conceived and Directed by Adam Goldman

Written by Adam Goldman

Story by Adam Goldman & Sasha Winters


Director of Photography: Jay Gillespie

Sound: Ted King & Andrew Theiss

Gaffers: Greg Hanson & Rhett DuPont

Key Grip: Clark Frankel, Ryan Wood & Todd Oravic

Edited by Adam Goldman & Jay Gillespie

Sound Mix by Doug Anderson


Amelia Keiser, Amanda Warman, Joanna Gurin, Melissa Tapper-Goldman & Jack Jackson

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Cast (in order of appearance)

Hunter Canning as Jack

Zachary Clause as Some Guy

Sasha Winters as Oona

Adam Goldman as Mitchell

Jon Golbe as Cute Delivery Guy

Michael Hanson as Keith

Jordan Barbour as Owen

Tommy Heleringer as Scruffy

Kate Dearing as Amy

Shawn Frank as Russell

Aaron Matteson as Tucker

Alaine Livingston as Beth

Phillip Taratula as Ty

Boo Killebrew as Editor

Geo Decas O'Donnell as Gentleman